Price Policy

İzmir Academy Association publishes 4 academic journals as of 2023. It also publishes books in different branches of science at the national and international level from its publishing house. The published books are currently being indexed in the catalogs of university libraries in Turkey.

As a Non-Governmental Organization since the day it was founded, İzmir Academy Association has been generating income only through donations. In its publishing activities, it does not receive any money from the authors or any stakeholders of the publishing process. It is a publishing house that adopts the principle of completely open-access and free publishing. All journals that it publishes on the ULAKBIM Dergipark platform and carries out their publishing processes by complying with ethical principles. Likewise, the books published by the publishing house are open to access at and at the same time, they are made available to science and humanity in a free and completely accessible way on Google Books.

Our association, which continues to develop and expand its publication processes with these publishing principles, will maintain its determination to fulfill the requirements of being a Non-Governmental Organization.